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I am a professional and well-experienced Technology & Motivational Blogger, owning I am also GOLD MEDALIST IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING.

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RIL (Reliance industries limited) is a well-known multinational conglomerate company, Reliance origin is India. The head office of RIL is located in M [...]
In 1912, Allan & Malcolm Lockheed founded the Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company, later renamed the Lockheed Aircraft Company. Lockheed Martin is the pr [...]
There are different modes of traveling, cycles, motorbikes, cars, jeeps, buses, trucks, trains, ships, airplanes, etc. People used different modes for [...]
Behind the progress of any developed nation, there is technology. The world is progressing so rapidly with the evolution of science and technology. No [...]
Electrical is the mother of all engineering fields because mostly all fields of engineering and technology are dependent on electrical and also with e [...]
The world is progressing so rapidly, and with the evolution of technology in every field people are becoming more advanced than in past centuries. Bes [...]
The Richest man of China, Jack Ma founded the well-known e-commerce platform Alibaba. He is also a famous personality on the internet because of his m [...]
A motivational speaker is also called an inspiring speaker, Motivation Speakers give speeches to inspire or motivate their listeners. Often the subjec [...]
Every human being in this world demands a perfect home, and they spend a lot in making their home grand, lavish, and also wanted to equip homes with t [...]
The world is full of wonders many of them are natural but some are artificial, wonders include streets, landmarks, mountains, buildings, beaches, grea [...]
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