Education Curriculum System Definition, Meanings, Examples,

Education Curriculum System

Education Curriculum System. 

The Education Curriculum in Twentieth-century was the best because its education system produced Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, and great leaders. These educated persons excelled in their respective fields by making name for themselves and their country. But the twenty-first century is the era of modern technology and the world becomes a global village.

It is the era of social media, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, automation, digital marketing, and blockchain. The education curriculum must be up to date and also contain the latest technological trends. School is that place where students set their perfect direction for a bright future and pick a direction of their carrier in college and universities. The schooling system cannot able the students to think out of the box because the entire syllabus studied by the students is outdated. Subjects like mathematics, physics, biology, and computer science are not up to date they are just related to outdated theory.

Education Curriculum System


Outdated Curriculum Meanings.

It is the era of Artificial intelligence, the internet of things, automation, and the 4th industrial revolution has happened. So the education curriculum must be up to date according to the latest trends and needs to reflect present as well as future trends. The biggest issue is that the current education system is not building up the entrepreneur mindset it is only developing a job mindset. Most of the students wasted their entire life to get a job and if they do so they have to continue just because of their family pressure and employees are not skilled just like entrepreneurs and also they are not risk-takers.

An entrepreneur is one who goes against tides and solves great problems, he is also a creative thinker, best decision-maker, and risk-taker. So it is necessary to introduce a syllabus which must include the latest trends. students at an early age must go through theoretical as well as a piece of practical knowledge and skill of entrepreneurship, automation, social media, digital communications, power and industrial revolutions, artificial intelligence, space exploration, supercomputers, digital electronics, communication skills, freelancing, and advanced medical test and techniques.

Except for Countries.

Not all countries except Japan, South Korea, Singapore, and China are updating their syllabus according to the latest trends. In China students at an early age used to study by using digital note pads and glasses, their classrooms are equipped with the internet and robots. They are actually preparing their new generation for conquering the battles of the future that’s why right now they are competing with the superpower of the world and it only happened by updating their education curriculum according to the latest technological terms. The products and the skilled man force of these countries are most demanded in the world just like

America and Europe. The fastest railways system existed in Japan and China. World giant power plants also exist in these countries. Their technology is also very fast that’s why in pandemic started from china named as covid 19, the built a hospital only in ten days and now china is approximately covid free. So other Asian countries must adopt up-to-date education curriculum like America, Europe, and China than their students also make their landmarks and it also happened by using the think out of the box strategy.