Renewable Energy Sources and world Statistics of Renewable Energy 2022,


Renewable Energy Sources and world Statistics of Renewable Energy 2022,

What are Renewable energy sources? Renewable energy sources are the biggest sources of clean energy. Electrical Power is the biggest demand in the wo

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What are Renewable energy sources?

Renewable energy sources are the biggest sources of clean energy. Electrical Power is the biggest demand in the world to light up homes, factories, offices, schools, hospitals and etc. for the generation of electrical power coal, natural gas, water, and furnace oil is used. But the flaw is that they are not renewable energy sources and most of them like coal, furnace oil are the sources of carbon dioxide which causes diseases of the lungs and heart.

“Necessity is the mother of invention” Actually the sources such as coal, water, furnace oil will deplete soon so to fulfill the demand for electrical power worldwide research and development are done and now renewable energy sources are utilized to generate electrical power.

Renewable energy sources definition.

The natural energy sources which can be renewed again and again or can be used repeatedly and cannot be run out are known as renewable energy sources. Sun is also a renewable energy source and its energy can be renewed again and again it provides power to the planet earth. Solar module or solar panel catches the energy from the sun and then this energy or photo energy is converted to electrical energy now solar power is the biggest electrical power provider after thermal base or hydropower plants.

Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy resources.

The population is increasing day by day with that utilization of fossil fuels like petrol, coal, gas is increased and they are decreasing from the earth. Very soon they will be finished so before their depletion we have to rely on other natural resources. Renewable energy sources are actually sustainable sources of energy. And are alternative to nonrenewable resources for fulfilling energy demand.

They are clean energy sources. Solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and biomass are the most famous sustainable energy sources. Let’s discuss one by one about their applications. Sun provides energy in the form of light and this energy is converted to electrical energy via the solar module. Now solar panels are installed worldwide and are producing Gigawatts of power.

China currently holds the largest solar power plants capacity of 40GW. Bhadla solar park, India has installed a solar capacity of 2.25GW. Shakti shall solar power project, India has installed a capacity of 2GW. Benban solar park Egypt with an installed capacity of 1.65GW.

Renewable energy source and electrical power.

The wind is also a renewable energy source and electrical power is also generated by windmills worldwide. Now wind energy is contributing alloy in the production of electrical power. Juan wind power plant china has a plant installed capacity, Jaisalmer wind park India installed capacity of 16000 MW, Alta wind energy US having installed capacity of 1548MW and etc.

Biomass is also a renewable energy source. Biomass is the waste of animals and plants material used as a fuel to produce electricity. Types of biomass include wood, garbage, crops, alcohol fuel, and landfill gas. Agrilectric Power partner ltd using a feedstock of woody biomass and installed capacity 12Mega watt, Albany green energy using forest residue, urban wood waste having installed capacity of 50 Megawatt.

Geothermal energy is heat within the earth. It is a renewable energy source because heat is continuously produced inside the earth. This energy is used for making electricity, for bathing and heating up of buildings in winter. The Geysers Geothermal Complex California US has installed capacity of 1.2 Giga-Watt, Larderllo Geothermal Complex Italy with an installed capacity of 769 Megawatt, Carro Prieto Geothermal power plant Mexico having installed capacity of 720 Megawatt.

Renewable Sources Example.

Renewable energy sources include Sun or solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and tidal. All of these are green and natural sources and they are fulfilling the biggest energy demand of the entire world. With the commercialization of the products used by these sources and converted into useful forms like electrical energy, gas, and heat world is benefiting too much and the load on the fossil fuel products is decreased.

Now governments are also giving subsidies to the business persons who are investing in these sources and all the products are tax-free worldwide. The most famous sustainable energy source is solar power and now solar power plants are installed residentially and commercially and by net metering technology in solar power plants individually people are selling their extra power to their national grids and taking part in fulfilling their energy demand nation wise and also worldwide.

Non-Renewable Sources of Energy.

Non-renewable sources are those which are depleting with the passage of time. These sources include fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, natural oil, and water. They are seen to be the biggest energy source because they are demanded in every sector and the world is dependent on these sources. Automobiles including cars, buses, trucks, trains, etc are dependent on these sources.

Electricity worldwide is produced by water via dams, thermal power plants via coal, natural gas, furnace oil. Right now these sources are utilized by almost everyone but with the entrance of renewable energy sources their demand is decreased because they are not clean energy sources, their prices are raised up when any pandemic occurs worldwide and the world is trying its best to shift from non-renewable to renewable energy sources.